Monday, January 09, 2006

To Much At Once!!!!!

Just coming to my 36th week and way to many things are happening at once. We just moved into our new house this weekend which is great, although I'm not sure if Bishop is to comfortable yet because he will not leave our on top of that we went to the doctors and he said that we are going to have to deliver the baby early because her weight is low-Possibly Next Week!!!!!! She weighed in at a whopping 4 1/5 lbs! So the doctor wants to deliver her early so we can actually control and monitor the nutrients she gets. Other than that she seems to be healthy-her heart rate is good, her brain looks good, her little kidneys and bladder looks good, she was practicing breathing so she had the hiccups (and the doctor said that was really good) she's just small. I'm not sure if I am ready...well I guess your never really ready. Needless to say since we just moved in this weekend all of our stuff is everywhere, not to mention the baby's room is sooooo not done, but I figured if she is born weighing 5 lbs, she can sleep in the bassinet for The funny thing is everyone kept telling me make sure you don't get alot of "newborn"clothes because she probably wont fit in them and if she does she wont fit in them long, so make sure you get some bigger clothes...well guess what 0-3 months is I had to go and buy her the "newborn" clothes that everyone told me not to get (5-8lbs) biggie, hopefully she grows fast!!!


Blogger Aileen said...

OMG! that is so crazy! you guys have to call me and tell me what, when, etc will happen!!!

AND i have to see when I can come visit and help you guys out. it's only been, oh 18? years since i've changed a diaper.

and i wouldn't worry much about the clothes. before you know it, she'll have outgrown all of them.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:32 AM  

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