Monday, December 12, 2005

Do Zombies Have Pathetic Hormones Too??!!!

I had such a bad weekend!! Well it wasn't horrible but it kinda sucked. For the past 8 months of pregnancy I have been pretty good at controlling my hormones, no real outbreaks, I can sit there and watch a chick flick without crying, my husband can call me "chunky" and "porky" and I would be fine and just laugh about it and call him something back...But all of sudden on Saturday I just started hysterical crying for no apparently reason, just felt like doing it, I suppose. Then I thought I was fine by Sunday...nope...Niagara Falls!!!!! But now its a new day, took a shower this morning and just let everything finally soak in (the changes going on in my life that is) I serious think there is no problem a nice warm shower can't cure-everything always seems so much clearer when you get out of the shower (could also be all of the steam in

I have been having these weird dreams lately about zombies (oh wait one was a werewolf). Saturday night...Zombies...Friday night...Werewolves...Thursday night...Zombies....Wednesday night...Zombies...Now, usually these types of dreams do not bother me but because it happened so frequently so close together and felt so real I decided to interpret my dreams. My theory is that my life is changing (zombies and werewolves go through a change) and it might be scary, but its going to happen, and I just need to finally face that change and move on to whatever comes next(I'm sure its not going to be decaying bodies and rotting corpses...but hey, maybe I will write a book). When I realized this falling asleep last night...had a zombie free dream...weird huh??


Blogger Aileen said...

i think zombies get pretty emotional. like when you're all like, "no you can't eat my brain!" they're all like, "rawr, I hate you!" But you know, they just keep going and try their best to eat your brain.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Edward said...

I hope you've come to terms with your hormones and brain eating zombies. Now where's my dinner woman! Sweetie! Lol

5:01 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Just plain mean, edward!!!

10:51 AM  

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