Tuesday, December 27, 2005

34 Weeks and Still Counting

I am now 34 weeks, which means technically I have 3 more weeks until "Full Term" and 6 more weeks until my due date of February 7, 2006. Part of me is so ready to not be pregnant anymore, I miss not being able to sleep on my belly, pains in my back ribs, not fitting in to my nice clothes or taking my wedding ring off an hoping to God I don't loose it because my fingers are swollen; but the other half of is so not ready for this because it really flew by, I have no idea where the time went...I know I keep saying that put it went by ridiculously fast. I guess it was because of the holidays and we were looking for a house and everything happened at once. Thank God it happened around this time because I don't think I can take being 7-9 months pregnant in the 120 degree summer of Las Vegas, NO WAY. So I think when I plan my next child I will make sure my due date comes before May. Anywho...a few weeks ago there was a scare where I did not feel her moving at all...well be careful what you wish for because it will happen moreso than what you expected! She is moving around like crazy! Alot of it is squirming because she is starting to run out of room, but you occasionally will get karate chopped in your spleen really hard or kicked in your stomach(which is not nice right after you eat considering you stomach is squashed as it is). That is not to mention when she decides to stretch...your stomach will feel like its stretching in ways it really shouldn't be stretching which feels really weird. But I really can't complain, I doesn't hurt and at least I know she is healthy because she moves around so much. I do have another ultrasound on January 6th to see if her weight has gone up any, my doctor said she just might be a small baby or a late bloomer and gain all of her wait at once. Who knows, we will find out in a week and a half. But I really do not mind if she is small as long as she is healthy-and from the way she kicks and punches I really think she's just dandy!!!


Blogger Edward said...

34 weeks! *gulp* Don't worry dear, I'm always there for ya! Either throwing up or passed out on the floor!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

Sooooo exciting!! I'm glad you and the lil' baboo are doing well. It DID go by so quickly, it's not just you. But I hope you all had a good holiday. We missed you at home (mom does grumble about you guys not talking to her enough even though I'm sure you talk to pa a LOT). CONGRATS on the house and good luck on the move and settling in. With how much the girl is moving around now, I'm sure you're gonna need a lot of room in the outside world for her.

9:25 PM  
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