Friday, December 23, 2005

My Hero!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with my pregnancy but I figured I write about the new obsession....Guitar Hero for Playstation 2....One of the most addictive games every created!!!! Guitar Hero is very similar to the Dance Revolution Game...(for all of you geeks that want to learn how to dance like Brittney just kidding...I never played it but it does look like fun). The game comes with you very own Gibson guitar(not real by the way). You get to rock out to some of the oldies but goodies like Ozzy, Cream, Motorhead and Boston as well as some new songs by Queens of the Stone Age and Franz Ferdinand. This game is great!!! It really makes you want to play guitar...I have a guitar at home and never touch it because I am so impatient, but this game really makes you want to play. I give it 5 stars for great music and addiction factor!!!!


Blogger Edward said...

I can't stop playing!!! Too addictive. I'm just glad I'm on vacation for the next week or so.

1:35 PM  

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