Tuesday, December 27, 2005

34 Weeks and Still Counting

I am now 34 weeks, which means technically I have 3 more weeks until "Full Term" and 6 more weeks until my due date of February 7, 2006. Part of me is so ready to not be pregnant anymore, I miss not being able to sleep on my belly, pains in my back ribs, not fitting in to my nice clothes or taking my wedding ring off an hoping to God I don't loose it because my fingers are swollen; but the other half of is so not ready for this because it really flew by, I have no idea where the time went...I know I keep saying that put it went by ridiculously fast. I guess it was because of the holidays and we were looking for a house and everything happened at once. Thank God it happened around this time because I don't think I can take being 7-9 months pregnant in the 120 degree summer of Las Vegas, NO WAY. So I think when I plan my next child I will make sure my due date comes before May. Anywho...a few weeks ago there was a scare where I did not feel her moving at all...well be careful what you wish for because it will happen moreso than what you expected! She is moving around like crazy! Alot of it is squirming because she is starting to run out of room, but you occasionally will get karate chopped in your spleen really hard or kicked in your stomach(which is not nice right after you eat considering you stomach is squashed as it is). That is not to mention when she decides to stretch...your stomach will feel like its stretching in ways it really shouldn't be stretching which feels really weird. But I really can't complain, I doesn't hurt and at least I know she is healthy because she moves around so much. I do have another ultrasound on January 6th to see if her weight has gone up any, my doctor said she just might be a small baby or a late bloomer and gain all of her wait at once. Who knows, we will find out in a week and a half. But I really do not mind if she is small as long as she is healthy-and from the way she kicks and punches I really think she's just dandy!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone...I hope you had a very happy holiday, receiving all of the wonderful gifts you wanted and some you never expected. Like me...I love my Christmas gift, it was very unexpected...I got a parakeet!! We named him Larry...Larry Bird that is...Needless to say the other animals absolutely love him too. Unfortunately Larry is a bit shy and hasn't moved from his perch all day, but I'm sure he will be good and peppy in no time!!! So welcome to our family...Mr. Larry Bird!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

My Hero!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with my pregnancy but I figured I write about the new obsession....Guitar Hero for Playstation 2....One of the most addictive games every created!!!! Guitar Hero is very similar to the Dance Revolution Game...(for all of you geeks that want to learn how to dance like Brittney Spears...lol...nah just kidding...I never played it but it does look like fun). The game comes with you very own Gibson guitar(not real by the way). You get to rock out to some of the oldies but goodies like Ozzy, Cream, Motorhead and Boston as well as some new songs by Queens of the Stone Age and Franz Ferdinand. This game is great!!! It really makes you want to play guitar...I have a guitar at home and never touch it because I am so impatient, but this game really makes you want to play. I give it 5 stars for great music and addiction factor!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Bishop!!!

Today is Bishop's 1st Birthday!!! He is finally 1 years old today...my baby is growing up to fast!!! He has celebrated so far by eating tons of christmas cookies. No tell how exciting the rest of his birthday will be...maybe some cake, a few doggy friends over..who knows!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Home stretch!!!

I am now 32 1/2 weeks now-almost there!!! We went to the doctor's yesterday for an ultrasound and they confirmed it is definitely a girl but apparently she is alittle smaller than they would like her to be. When the tech took measurements she came up with approximately 3.5 pounds, but when the doctor came in and took measurements it came out to be approximately 3.11 pounds...I think I am going to go with the doctors measurements...The good part of that is he said it is on the small side but we shouldn't worry about anything right now and we need to go back in three weeks for another ultrasound just to be safe. (He said the norm is about 4 lbs or more) But to be honest, as long as she healthy I don't mind having a small baby, easier labor. I don't want to give birth to a 9lb baby, that would suck. They measured her heart-rate and everything was fine...So hopefully everything else works out for the best. We will see.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Do Zombies Have Pathetic Hormones Too??!!!

I had such a bad weekend!! Well it wasn't horrible but it kinda sucked. For the past 8 months of pregnancy I have been pretty good at controlling my hormones, no real outbreaks, I can sit there and watch a chick flick without crying, my husband can call me "chunky" and "porky" and I would be fine and just laugh about it and call him something back...But all of sudden on Saturday I just started hysterical crying for no apparently reason, just felt like doing it, I suppose. Then I thought I was fine by Sunday...nope...Niagara Falls!!!!! But now its a new day, took a shower this morning and just let everything finally soak in (the changes going on in my life that is) I serious think there is no problem a nice warm shower can't cure-everything always seems so much clearer when you get out of the shower (could also be all of the steam in there...lol...)

I have been having these weird dreams lately about zombies (oh wait one was a werewolf). Saturday night...Zombies...Friday night...Werewolves...Thursday night...Zombies....Wednesday night...Zombies...Now, usually these types of dreams do not bother me but because it happened so frequently so close together and felt so real I decided to interpret my dreams. My theory is that my life is changing (zombies and werewolves go through a change) and it might be scary, but its going to happen, and I just need to finally face that change and move on to whatever comes next(I'm sure its not going to be decaying bodies and rotting corpses...but hey, maybe I will write a book). When I realized this falling asleep last night...had a zombie free dream...weird huh??

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sleepy Rock!!!

Well at 31 weeks, breathing is definitely a chore. Everything on the inside is just squashed, I'm not even sure where anything is!!! That is not to mention every morning at 2:00am I am wide awake, so therefore, I am not getting any sleep on top of things. But that's ok because it is almost over, but then I will be up at 2:00am for different reasons, until she starts sleeping through the night. But even then I will probably be up at any little noise that comes from the room until shes older, and then I won't sleep at night because I would be worried when she's out with her friends, (and if she is going to be anything like her father...god help me). So I guess I can say goodbye to sleep permanently.

We tried to play some classical music for her but she doesn't budge-nothing-not even turns, but everytime I am in the car and "3 Doors Down" is on the radio, the girl starts moving around and kicking. That is not to mention her love for Gwen Stefani...this girl apparently has rock in her blood since her father was part of the famous band XFG many moons ago....lol...So she is getting a little guitar for her 2nd birthday...lol...but we will see what happens because she also loves nursery rhymes too so maybe she will be a poet....nah she will write the music with her guitar!!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005


I have been reading that some women are absolutely tired and can not move during the 3rd trimester and they have no idea whats wrong with them...I wish that were the case. I can't stay still!!! And when I try to be still I feel nauseous and need to get up. Apparently this is called "nesting", the time when the mama bird's instinct kicks in to prepare for the baby. To be honest, I really try to be lazy and relax on the couch after work and watch some TV or bug the hubby while he's drawing, but then I get so damn restless, I just want to "SCREAM!!!!!" So then I get up and wash some clothes or wash the two glasses that are sitting in the sink...I feel like I am OCD. I suppose this is a good thing. I guess I could be really lazy and not do anything at all and use the "pregnant" card (like Edward calls it) all the time. Although, I guess I would be lying if I said I don't use it at all...."Boogs can you clean up the patio, I cant bend over because I'm PREGNANT" or "Boogs, can you get me a drink I just sat down and its hard for me to get up easily because I'm PREGNANT". But I really do not use it that much....lol...!